Mandate Licenses for Animal Groomers

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Dogs are being killed or made to be put to death by Groomers. We Need Licensing and Oversight. 

ATTENTION: Last Thursday I gave my 15 year old little girl to a mobile groomer for a wash and nails trimmed. She was given back to me paralyzed from the waist down. I can still hear her howling in pain. I had no choice but to put her to sleep for good, I had to end her pain.  The owner of the grooming service said that the groomer Kim never saw her walk as I handed her off. I would never have had her groomed if she was in pain and paralyzed I lost my little girl, had to pay close to $1000 to the emergency hospital after her vet told me to rush her there and the owner and the groomer will not take any responsibility for the pain my dog went through and what happened to cause my girl to become paralyzed or the devastation I am living with now. Do not use any mobile groomer without watching how they are handling your pet. The Groomer finished both of my dogs in 41 minutes. Why did she let my baby lay there crying why she worked on my other dog? To not take responsibility for causing my little girl to be paralyzed is disgusting. Groomers that let their employees continue their jobs do not deserve to be in business. There is no regulation for groomers or licensing for each groomer annually. Groomers do not need to attend school or classes. They do not individually need to be licensed. They do not learn how to recognize if a pet is injured or distressed. Shame on them. Shame on the industry.