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Oversight, regulation and accountability for the addiction recovery industry.

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To the California State Legislature:

We, the undersigned, urge the California State Legislature to take action in regard to closing the existing loopholes that allow drug rehabilitation facilities and sober living businesses to operate independently of local zoning ordinances under the pretext of being like minded households, and therefore exempt from the type of regulation required of all other types of community care, health, and boarding facilities.  

This deficiency in oversight has enabled unchecked proliferation of these facilities throughout California.  These are not residences or households.  They are not serving a local need or crisis.  These are commercial service and boarding providers that actively advertise and seek paying clients from across the U.S. and beyond to patronize and trust the efficacy of their proposed treatment protocols. These businesses have planted themselves in our residential neighborhoods.  They have multiple facilities, employees, fleets of vans, and a revolving door of customers. This business model not only destroys the character of our residential safe havens (our homes and our neighborhoods) but is also to the profound detriment of their clients. 

Sacramento is well versed in this archetype. More than 35 bills have been introduced to the State Legislature since 1998 to address this situation and none have passed.  (   

Action at the State level is crucial and imperative. We are asking for acknowledgement and imminence in regard to our concerns.

We are seeking to amend state legislation to allow for more local zoning control and oversight of these commercial facilities.

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