Neighborhood Preservation (No to SB 50) AND Housing for All

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In-process state legislation will eliminate single-family zoning in the Bay Area and all other "job rich" locations in California. We need to stop this destructive legislation AND solve the housing shortage.

The California housing-development debate has been co-opted by two vociferous extremes. At one extreme is the no-development faction, which opposes almost all new housing, despite the housing shortage. At the other, we have powerful and moneyed developer interests pushing indiscriminate development, with legislation such as Sen Wiener’s SB 50, which would automatically up-zone all single-family neighborhoods in job-rich locations in CA, including ALL of the Bay Area - Los Altos Hills, Saratoga, San Jose - to permit the construction of condo/apartment blocks on single-family lots. This will destroy our neighborhoods and also worsen our transit problem.

We need to adopt a centrist, *transit-friendly* approach that addresses the housing shortage AND preserves the neighborhoods we cherish - a WIN-WIN solution.

One viable Win-Win alternative: up-zone COMMERCIAL LOTS ONLY along major thoroughfares, as well as near rail and ferry stations. An analysis of this type of approach is provided in Resources, below.

We need to spread awareness of these better alternatives, and advocate for their adoption. We are a grassroots organization of private citizens dedicated to this mission. We are not associated with any political group or any organization that has any financial stake in the outcome.

Signing this petition is only one forward step, which will help us advocate more successfully with our state representatives for better alternatives. It is also critical that you contact your representatives to oppose SB-50, which has successfully been voted out of the Senate Housing Committee on a 9-1 vote. To find out who your state representatives are, go to

But offering a constructive alternative will be essential to stopping this destructive law - there is a justifiable tidal wave of anger at the lack of housing that is sweeping the state, and support for this bill amongst the many battling high housing costs should not be under-estimated.

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a) Understanding SB 50 provisions, and its impact on single-family neighborhoods
Analysis of SB 50’s impact by the non-profit Embarcadaro Institute, using Palo Alto as an example -

b) Analysis and background for proposal to Upzone COMMERCIAL LOTS ONLY along major thoroughfares, as well as near rail and ferry stations.
i) Analysis by professional urban planning firm Urban Footprint, using El Camino Real as its example -…/
ii) The Grand Boulevard Initiative - lessons learned from development along El Camino Real