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Stop letting parolees get away with crime (AB1408).

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AB 1408 is supported by Crime Victims United, the Association of Deputy District Attorneys, Los Angeles Professional Peace Officers Association, State Coalition of Probation Organizations, and many others.

Californians have seen crime rates spike in the last three years as misguided measures like Prop 47, Prop 57 and AB109 have been passed. These have resulted in releasing tens of thousands of felons into the streets.

Felons like Michael Mejia - arrested in 2010 for a gang robbery. He was again arrested in 2014 for grand theft auto - and served only two years of a four year sentence. He was released in April 2016. He wasn't even put on parole but sent to probation. Over the next eleven months he was arrested at least six times and given "flash incarceration" - just ten days in jail. Under current law, Mejia could have continued to violate his parole with just slaps on the wrist. In January he received a 40 day sentence - and served ten days. On February 2 he was arrested again - and was released on February 11. On February 20 he murdered Whittier Police Officer Keith Boyer.

Stories like this will continue to happen unless we can restore sanity to sentencing and parole laws. Many other innocent victims will continue to be harmed by parolees who believe they have no accountability.

AB1408 reverses some of the damage from AB109 and Prop 47 with commonsense reforms. It requires parole boards to consider the ENTIRE criminal history of a parolee, not just the most recent offense. It requires a parolee be considered for parole revocation upon the third violation of parole (instead of just flash incarcerations). 

Law-abiding Californians deserve to feel safe in their communities. We have a right to be safe from repeat offenders and hardened gang members. The legislature needs pass this bill, and to continue to prioritize crime victims and law-abiding citizens. Early release is ineffective. Other measures need to be considered to sentence, house, and supervise gang members and repeat felons.

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