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Child protective services of Yolo county, is a nightmare. the thought of YOUR child removed from your care, unless you have suffered the misfortune, the devastation and depth of grief is unimaginable indescribable and unbearable. for many of Yolo county's residence its reality, a living nightmare. the voluntary case by case services prior to removal are outlined one size fits all, expiration dated and stamped. many defining critical factors are necessary  to successfully complete the requirements of reunification.
for those whom lack in the family support and suffer mental illness/disorder drug addiction with traumatic experiences grief and poor self esteem. These parents are damaged, it took time to acquire ptsd social anxiety night terrors and displaying the affects. For this group little to no hope little to no help little to no experience in recovery and healing. the reunification requirements not met in the allotted time services ceased then, rights revoked  to life of a human child then, adopted out.

     My name is Celia Lerma, i live in Yolo county. i have three children 11,7 and 2
my story is unique, yet for a lot of the ladies in my predicament the out come has been the same. I have been wronged my rights have been violated  by policy / procedure,  professional opinions influenced by personal judgments and vendettas
two years of age and younger equals 6 months till your time is up. the day my nightmare came true had events leading to it. i accepted cps volunteer services on false accusations of involvement with an abusive ex-partner. in three years my family struggles traumatic events seemed to plague us. my oldest son was bullied to a broken arm and broken vision of self worth, as a parent i did everything i could think of, i felt like i failed him. Then near death surgery went wrong turned paralysis from the neck down of my mom moving and my son holding his class hostage at knife point and the news cast that made it seem like it was instantaneous "sudden emotional outburst" nothing was sudden about the whole thing. I had meetings and explained to the principal and teacher. my son is a target for bullies. the provider of care over worked at a thankless job and then the end of a dysfunctional relationship. CPS offering a chance to open lines communication and get to where the paper planes and science experiments couldn't, i wanted a better bond, is what i thought i was being offered.  after i began services the talk of action slowled to a stopped. i kept in continuous constant contact text massaging. slow progress but progress was happening. When things stopped  progressing and the responses from my social worker became few and far apart, I contacted the supervisor. Shortly after during a disagreement with my child and his grandmother, I asked my social worker to step in, reaffirm my parental authority she initially agreed. Advising me to call the police. Once the police arrived and agreed to do as the social worker request, once he spoke with her she then declined. Refusing to help me get my son home. the following day in a safety meeting without my consent my son was permitted to attend undermining my parental stature. Where preventable trauma and emotional damages, against my wishes the social worker removed him from my home and allowed him to reside with a person charged and convicted with child endangerment my mother and in recovery still unable to move properly. I requested a meeting with the supervisor. When the fun was over at grandma's, my son decided he'd go to my brother and when that didn’t go his way he called me to pick him up in the middle of the night, i reminded him homework comes first and i dont allow all day electronics TV included. He was permitted to stay, as long as he wanted to. Giving him no concept of authority or that he is a child and needs to listen to his mother.  I relapsed over the situation, promptly admitting my faults and signed up residential treatment. The arrangment was to leave yolo county about 2 1/2 hour drive take my children with me. when we passed the freeway on ramp, the worker began to say its a long drive and she had prior personal matters to attend and didnt have the time. was risky to but i figured id put a transfer,i needed to be where nobody knew my name and i needed sobrity i wanted my son's to have a respectable mom and role model. The second day in treatment my oldest came to stay in program. During his property inventory a struggle over releasing his phone, caused a little upset but shutting down is the common response it allowed communication. Staff removed my son not allowing me to parent claiming it was per the social worker, i could not upset in any way shape or form The next morning sheriff's suv out side i programed as usual when staff removed me from class she asked to take my son. The sheriff started asking me questions i didnt understand, he informed me i was being accused of sexual abuse, of my baby. My baby whom was weening off being breast fed was trying to attach himself as i was asleep. i vomited and i knew i didnt have a snowballs chance, when i seen the social worker through the window. My nightmare come true, parent partner informed me at her lunch with social worker , tears floaded her face and she began to cry about my case. That day social worker had three emergency calls and took the road most travled. My babies went to live with my brother and his wife. I was present when social worker promised daycare arrangements and benefits to compensate cost. The following day my children where removed from my brother. I was not given reason by the social worker. Per my brother, the department hadn't arranged day care and he left my boys with my mom. From then on i was told my son had refused any contact. at my first visit i asked where my oldest was. I was 1 hour 45 min late my escort being the social worker. I asked the foster parent to report the inconvenience to social supervisor. I was snapped at by social worker your son doesnt want to see you so you dont need to know. I was never allowed to speak to the fosters (same sex partner not legal at the time no consent given but to cut their hair its required)again. Court came around and i had an issue of education 6 grade in elementary or 6 grade jr.high, due to the hostage knife situation. I felt it to be a important that my son be a kid as long as possible, i still have my rights yet ignored.little things here and there the social worker stopped contact and step aways from the case plan, once my kids where with the department services referral and case plan got pushed back and vanished. Request after request of worker change due to conflic of intrest and a meeting with supervisor 5 1/2 months of untreated infection of the big toe while in foster. It wasn't till i spoke up in court to the judge explaining i called child abuse hot line also put in writing to the department about my sons foot. Even after that it took a month to be delt with.
*I'm requesting an audit of yolo county child protective services.
*i want realistic time frames with real solutions or reachable goals
* resources and funding
* clear and out lined understanding to voluntary and court ordered
*i want to be treated with respect my family isnt disposable shall not be treated as such
*medial attention given in a timely manner
* im asking that yolo county's children to be returned to there own families.
* im asking to right the wrong
*im asking for help for change for a real chance to be better


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