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California: Disbar Silicon Valley Lawyers Who Sang These Holiday Songs

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Sacramento Family Court Victims were just highlighted on the cover of Sacramento News Report.

Silicon Valley Family Courts may be worse.

In the land of soaring tech stocks, rich in real estate, crooked family court  judges and lawyers have been using community property to fund out of control family court budget deficits, and reward CROOKED AND UNETHICAL LAWYERS. Santa Clara Family judges allow family lawyers, accountants, custody experts, minors counsel and vocational experts to profit from innocent citizen's retirement funds, home equity and college savings accounts. And the problem is out of control as courts are misusing child support and custody of innocent children to fund dysfunctional courts.

In Silicon Valley family court  judges often award sanctions from $50,000 to $500,000,  for no reason at all, and leaving people with only costly appeals to fight unjust fees in courts that are supposed to be equitable.

Last December,  Santa Clara County Judges and Lawyers joined for an annual holiday luncheon, where they sang songs about all the money they have made from the parents and children trapped in Silicon Valley's divorce court. Parents and children are furious that lawyers and judges were seen mocking their misery as lawyers laughed about their expensive yachts, cars and liens on houses of family court victims.

Join us in demanding the State Bar remove every lawyer who sang these holiday songs, mocking the very litigants they steal millions of dollars from each year.

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