Get Corrupt Boxing Judge Alejandro Rochin FIRED #WilderVsFury

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This morning, here in the UK myself, friends and family closely observed Tyson Fury take on Heavy Weight Champion 'Deontay Wilder' in a 12 round bout of total CORRUPTION!! There was a clear winner in this fight; the failure of legitimacy in the sport of boxing must not be swept under the rug this time. Have Alejandro Rochin assessed and FIRED immediately. A man stood for not only his country tonight but for the world and showed total class and yet again, a victor has been stolen from. I am upset and sick to my stomach however proud of our champion Tyson Fury. He is truly one of the greatest fighters in and out of the ring.

Fire Alejandro Rochin, have him assessed by the California State Athletic Commission.

Personal story
My name is Kian Brown, I am 18 and I am from the UK. I have no bias and it is plain to see the real winner of this fight. Boxing has long been a passion of mine and the sport should definitely be held in higher professionalism in futures bouts. Help make this change by signing this petition.