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Petitioning California Acupuncture Board Board Members

California State Acupuncture Board Should Uphold it’s Own Policy


The California State Acupuncture Board is in the process of setting a precedent of changing the content of the examination in accordance to new booklist additions without allowing schools adequate time to change their curricula. 

The State Board should uphold their own policy for proper notification of the public and allowing a transition to occur between exam revisions.

Letter to
California Acupuncture Board Board Members
The California State Acupuncture Board has served to ensure public safety, health
and welfare. In an attempt to expand the education of Acupuncture licensee
applicants, the California State Acupuncture Board published major alterations
to the required reference book list in August 2010. The booklist content has
been altered, including six new additional texts to the list and one text removed.
In sum, thousands of pages of material have been added. In August 2011,
board exam candidates will be tested on the new content according to the State
Acupuncture Board.

The new booklist is not simply a reference for students to know where exams
questions come from, but are also both a source of conflicting content and
resources used in a clinical setting. With this consideration, much time is
needed to understand these materials in depth and determine which book
may hold greater weight in the case of discrepancy. With an approximate 16
months to prepare for these changes, candidates may have only a rudimentary
understanding of the new materials. Future exam candidates were informed
of the booklist without adequate time to adjust to the previously mentioned
changes. Furthermore, several books on this list are covering new subjects
that have covered in the previous booklist, thus implying that the breadth of
information is also increasing. Students who have already taken classes in these
subjects will not receive training in new materials in a clinical or classroom
setting, unless they retake a variable number of classes.

The purpose of this petition is not an attempt to hinder the purpose of the
Acupunture Board in serving the public, but to address this abrupt alteration of
the booklist, describe its negative impact on public safety, and provide a possible
adjustment to the booklist policy.

In addition to the new texts posing problems for trainees, the educational
institutions have not been apprised of the changes in due time to revise their
curricula and properly prepare exam candidates for the board exam. Increasing
the number of texts requires instructors have time to analyze what content
is appropriate and to integrate new material into classes and to prepare
acupuncture trainees accordingly. This pertains to the Board’s requirements, as
mentioned in 1399.436. Criteria for Approval of Acupuncture Training
Programs. (i) All instructors shall be competent to teach their designated
courses by virtue of their education, training and experience. The novel nature
of most of the books added to the list requires further analysis by current
professors to assimilate new vocabulary and new concepts proposed in the new

I understand the State Acupuncture Board is responsible for allowing a transition
to occur between examination revisions, this involves notification of the public
and adequate time for radical changes to be implemented and adequate time for
educational institutions to train future health providers. The untimely addition of
the new booklist poses a danger to pubic health by neglecting adequate time for
new material to be integrated.

Proposal 1: Students, who currently finishing their last two years of school should
be examined according to the educational requirements set forth by the State
Board at time of matriculation, which was the list posted prior to April of 2010.
The first implementation of the new booklist could be Feb 2013. By delaying
the list publish in April of 2010, the California State Acupuncture Board will
be upholding it’s own policy. This delay would allow schools to sort out the
information presented in the new texts and to adjust their curricula according
and to educate new students thoroughly of any new content. Such a delay is a
viable solution to continue ensuring public safety.

We, the undersigned, hereby agree with the statements above and the listed
proposal as indicated by my signature.

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