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California's Kids Need Your Help!

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All children deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential. Underfunded schools and overstretched budgets mean this isn’t happening in California. 

In our kids’ classrooms today, you will see a very different story than five short years ago. With massive cuts to funding, all schools have seen ballooning class sizes, shorter school years, and cuts to programs including science, music, art and P.E., just to name a few.  Kids need your help.

In 2010, a group of moms from across the state launched a grassroots movement to help stop this downward spiral and bring attention and support back to a school system that was once the envy of the nation -- this is Educate Our State

In November we joined with others to help pass Prop. 30 and bring funds back to our schools. On January 10th Governor Brown released his budget and we were relieved to see support for our schools.

However, you and I both know that political pressures from special interest groups can quickly derail good intentions. We have seen strong lobbies use their deep pockets to pressure Sacramento and protect their own piece of the pie -- this budget fight will be no different!

California’s State Leaders must stay committed to the children of our state, and not let pressures from special interest groups redirect money that our public schools desperately need. 

California’s kids need your support. Please sign the petition today.

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