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California's Gay Governor & Lesbian First Lady: OUT Jerry Brown

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The deception was bound to catch up to Jerry Brown, who has been in the closet for six decades, but the marriage in the 21st century to conceal past misconceptions is tangled into other deceit by Brown, and now our Lesbian First Lady, Annie Baldwin Gust. 

Jerry Brown & Anne Baldwin Gust' marriage is antithetical to gay marriage rights.

Jerry Brown (68), a lifelong  bachelor with no children married his lesbian gal pal, Annie Baldwin Gust (48), in 2005, right before running for state office-attorney general. Brown, appoints Gust no. 2 at the AG's office.

California's 1st Lady was appointed by the Gov. special council and chief of staff- Gust is a public figure..

Brown & Gust, while at the AG's failed to protect state foster youth and that failure is  now connected to the Sacramento Sheriff's & Inspector General's obstruction of felony child abuse complaints, taking place right now.

The California media has a history  of collusion  to conceal Homosexual politicians

Ironically, Anne Gust, called GOP gubernatorial candidate, Meg Whitman, a whore.

Marriage shouldn't be a political tactic to avoid being OUTED: too many of us have been denied this right and are fighting for equality.

Tell our 74 year old governor it's not the mid 20th century; Californian's deserve a progressive, honest , respectable and responsible official leading our state,

Support this petition and let's OUT Jerry Brown & Anne Baldwin Gust



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