California's Gay Governor & Lesbian First Lady: OUT Jerry Brown

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Judy virden
9 years ago

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Joy McCartney
9 years ago
Not just to me but to the entire nation. This gay nonsense has gone too far

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Rodney Brown
9 years ago
I didn't like him the first time around.

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Gallant Butch
9 years ago
An open letter to opponents of The Ban to legalize Gay Marriage
by Gallant Butch on Wednesday, 8 February 2012 at 07:59 ·

BEFORE you REACT and vow to re-challenge the California 9th Circuit of Appeals decision, I respectfully ask you absorb the following.....

As the ban reads, supports of the Ban on Gay Marriage are demanding the following:

Federal & State Government Sanctioned & Endorsed Discrimination and Bigotry.

Here's my OPINION:

Americans, regardless of sexual orientation, are scattered across the World, placing their lives on the line for a common belief: Human Beings, regardless of their Country of Origin, Religious Belief, Creed, Race, Orientation, Dogma, Doctrine, Heritage or Traditions and DESERVE RESPECT, ACCEPTANCE AND PROTECTION against Tyranny, Corruption, Discrimination and Servitude., both foreign and DOMESTIC.


Look at those you know,

Then REALLY look at them.

You'd never know if the Cop, Firefighter, 911 Dispatcher, Surgeon, Nurse, Teacher, Pastor, Grocer, Farmer, Crossing Guard, Speech Therapist, Psychologist, Municipal Employee, Anesthesiologist, whom YOU & YOUR LOVED ONES depend on daily were gay much less married.

IF s/he were....

Would you say:

YOU can't save my family from a burning house - because you're gay & have the audacity to wed?

YOU can't protect my family from rapists, kidnappers, and thugs - because you're gay & expect to be treated as an equal, by ME?

YOU can't process my request for emergency services - because you're gay & you wish to marry your partner of X years?

YOU can't perform a life-saving procedure to save my spouse, partner or child - because you're gay & marriage minded???

YOU can't council my grief stricken child - because you're gay and have photos of your partner & children displayed in your office?

YOU can't process my food; maintain my City; monitor Terrorism; stave off Disease, etc, etc. - because you're gay and are DEMANDING I treat you with the same Respect, Dignity, Protections under the law that my heterosexual spouse and I are afforded?

Get the point???

If you wouldn't deny YOUR loved one's the protections they need to LIVE a safe and healthy life; DO NOT deny mine or those of my friends & family by limiting my Happiness, the Sanctity of my relationship, my demands to be treated the same as YOU because doing so offends your "sensibilities"

WE are not asking for any Government Protections or Benefits dissimilar to those You embrace.

We are demanding, As AMERICANS, WE be afforded the same Rights OUR U.S Constitution stipulates.

I implore you....

to give it some thought, SERIOUS thought.

If you agree with OUR American Right to Liberty, Freedom, Justice and the Pursuit of Happiness, stand with me. Go to YOUR area HRC website, write your Senator, House Rep, Local Congressperson and Stand behind the California 9th Circuit of Appeals court decision.

Take a stand; Support & Protect those who have Dedicated their Lives to Enriching YOURS.

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Donna Petre
9 years ago
It's long been an open secret in Calif for decades which side Jerry plays on.