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Stop Californias Skyrocketing Utility/PG&E Rates & Time of Use Plan!

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*Start by rolling back prices to December 2016 and freeze them until independent consumer groups and analysts can evaluate and implement the following reforms, in the interest of fairness and encouraging real conservation, without placing all the burden on California's most vulnerable populations.

*Stop time of use plan. Stop all reductions to CARE program. Stop removal of baselines.
*The CPUC must create fair baseline allowances for everyone, based on actual California utility climate maps. They must provide the entire state, an actual, "significant portion" of "average" customers actual utility needs as a baseline, not half or 60%, They should be closer to 70% of actual use in all different climate areas. Customers who live inland and in southern parts of the state, have been paying far more than 60% of their utility bills at the highest tier for years. Not due to lack of conservation, but the climate in which they live. The baselines will also take into consideration, house size, families with more people in the home, or multiple dwellings on a single meter. Many of these families are caring for senior parents, adult children with disabilities, or family members.

*Environmental and consumer groups are also sounding warnings about Time of Use rate plans Retired persons, stay-at-home parents, people on disability, people who work from home and low income populations, will all see significantly higher bills .

*Stop fixed fees or, "connection Rates". We pay for every poll and every meter. They are charging Fixed monthly fees, even if you don't use 1 watt of energy! California Watchdog groups have called this, "Robbing the Hood" as it effects the poorest customers that are motivated to conserve the most. Planned to start 2018

*The CARE program for the poor is insufficient, they can NOT reduce the discount. With more than one million people kicked off PG&E books this year for failure to pay, there are clearly not helping the needs of millions of low income Californians! The baseline should be based on their climate & home size and number of people in home!. People who may qualify for both the CARE and the Medical Baseline programs must be informed.

*PG&E has also been misleading its most vulnerable customers, in a calculated effort, to keep them from even applying for the Medical Baseline program. You can qualify for CARE plan & the Medical baseline at the same time.

* Utility companies should have no control over the size or type of a solar systems California consumers might purchase. NEMA calculations need reevaluating, as should Solar connection fees. Current Peak demand hours for TOU in Ca is much later in the day so solar does not off-set punitive hours 4-9pm, since peak solar production is 10-3. This also appears to be illegal as it suppresses rooftop solar industry.

*High user fees can to be applied to users who use (400%) ONLY once reasonable baselines are created and the above categories are excluded from penalties.

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