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Reduce PG&E's Profit rate from 11.35% to 9.40%

The customers of PG&E, request that the CPUC stand up for rate-payers struggling to make ends meet in this economic crisis and reduce PG&E's profit rate from 11.35% to 9.40% in order to reduce average residential bills by about $50 each year.

The commission should hold all regulated firms to the same standard that they each firm's record demonstrates they hold small businesses. If a business has poor safety records, poor customer service records, refusal to accept accountability for failures and poor service records would any of the regulated utilities do business with that firm? Would the utilities take steps to guarantee profits for that firm?

Just as we must earn our money they should earn their profits. The data demonstrating performance metrics for customer safety, customer service, quality products and services, the percentage of small business contracts and the number of jobs created in the communities served should be a consideration in the profit percentages granted.

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