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California needs a Safe Harbor Laws to protect victims of human trafficking and sexual abuse

New York added a Safe Harbor Law to protect young victims of Human trafficking and sexual abuse from being re-victimized by the criminal justice system when caught being prostituted. There are reasons these children are in these situations and they deserve help, not punishment. This law allows police officers and state workers to recognize these children as victims instead of criminals. This law allows these children to be forcably taken off the streets from their pimps and still is able to provide them with the comprehensive help that will desperatly need to recover from these crimes.

Often times, a child who is forced into prostitution will not leave her pimp because she has Stockholm syndrom, which is where the victim often loves and identifies with her abuser. This law will allow children to be put in "safe homes" where they can recover without the threat of jail or charges.

This is a child welfare issue and not a criminal justice issue. These pimps DO need to go to jail and be treatet as the criminals they really are. STOP revictimizing our children and start punishing the true criminals.

Letter to
The Governor of CA
There is a new law that New York just implemented, and it is called The Safe Harbor Law. We as a responsible community need to create and implement such a law ourselves here in California to protect our most valuable asset, our children, from further victimization by the criminal Justice system and punish the real criminals, pimps and Johns using these services.

There should be stiffer penalities for pimps, rapist, molesters and John's who use children for sex. Period.

These children deserve better from us, and they deserve the care they need to get better. The more pimps, rapists, molesters and John's use our children for sex, the worst our communities are going to get. We need to send a strong message that this will NOT be tolerated in our communities. It takes a protective villiage to raise a well balanced, healthy child and the message being send today is that pimps, molesters and John's can get away with type of behavior by punishing our children and not the real criminals.

Please, I urge you to look into this matter fully. We are NOT going to go away! We are going to push for John's to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, ask for more funds to protect and rehabilitate our children and ask for the death penalty for child rapists, molesters and traffickers.

Please, we beg you to consider the alternatives. Some of these children grow up to do the same or worst thus continuing the cycle od abuse. California needs a facelift and this is a great way to do it!

Thanks so much for your service in our community,
We look forward to great things from you while your in office,

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