Stop the Removal of Murals From the TSGB

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Stop the Removal of TSGB Cruise Murals

A saddening decision has been made to paint over every cruise mural aboard the Training Ship Golden Bear. The school intends to hire contractors to carry out this shady act over the 2019 Spring Break while none of the student body is present or able to protest.

The murals on the TSGB are a collection of memorable art pieces created by talented students over the course of nearly three decades. Removal of them is a decimation of school history and art.

The reason for their removal is due to a small minority of the faculty finding them offensive.

The murals not only serve as great pride for CMA alumni, but inspire prospective students and other visitors to the ship about the adventure of seafaring life.

Deciding to whitewash over the murals for the sake of political correctness, without the input or consent of any students, highlights the disconnect between the administration and student body, and ultimately is a tragic loss of art.

A proposed solution: No murals can be considered to be painted over if less than 5 years old. If additional space is needed to make room for new murals, the students aboard the TSGB summer cruise should collectively vote on which mural that is 5 years or older should be painted over.

Please take the time to sign this petition and stop this travesty.