Lowering the tuition cost for the Fall 2020 academic semester

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As the summer moves further into July, the school year seems to be making a much faster approach than previously anticipated. In light of the recent world climate, a lot of college students are left feeling uncertain as to what comes next with the education we all dedicate so much time, money, and effort into. In these times it is important to understand that the many walks of life that inhabit  any one campus are all in very different places, and support is needed to ensure the success of the students who have dedicated themselves to your institution. With a pandemic not only affecting the health and well being of people across the nation, it is also affecting the ability of people to live a comfortable life. Many families nationally have lost their jobs due to the raging pandemic, some not even being able to pay their monthly rent. This petition stands as an example of the many students who are more than just a number, and those who face uncertainty in these times as well as the first time students who are going to miss out on the opportunity of a traditional college experience. Making tuition match up with the education and life quality in times like this is very important and we hope that you will see and feel the same as the students who keep your university alive and flourishing as it is. With a vast majority of students who now have online classes coming into the new semester, we implore you to look into adjusting the tuition cost