Justice for Dr. Gill

Justice for Dr. Gill

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Chelsea Dunmire
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In February of 2019, Dr. Gill's office was vandalized and a threatening note was left behind. The note was racist, hate-fueled, and included "my condolences for your wife". A threatening email was sent a few days later, signed by the same name, "Harvinder Gill". An investigation was opened, and then closed on March 20, 2020 with "inconclusive evidence". 

Dr. Gill came forward this last week through our school newspaper, The Echo, read the whole story here: https://cluecho.com/13260/news/inconclusive-evidence-one-year-after-professors-office-is-vandalized/

Dr. Gill has been denied a follow-up investigation. Where is the justice? If one of our most distinguished faculty members does not feel safe on campus, how are any students of color supposed to feel safe? The university cannot keep aggressively recruiting students and staff of color if they cannot keep those individuals safe. 

Earlier this semester, we demanded change in response to some racist incidents that were not the first to occur at CLU. We have not received an update on those changes since March 2nd.

As a community, we demand justice for Dr. Gill. After consulting with Dr. Gill, here is what we ask from university leadership:

1. That you open another investigation and put time and money and resources into finding out who did this. During this investigation, inform Dr. Gill of the steps being taken. Why hasn't this been done already? How can the university possibly be okay with an inconclusive result with a crime of this severity?

2. Talk about this incident publicly. Condemn the actions. 

3. When the person is found, inform Dr. Gill of their identity. This is a matter of his own personal safety and that of his family. As this is a hate crime as defined by the CLU Student Handbook, we ask that you punish this person appropriately.

4. Redesign your mandatory training for faculty and staff to include anti-racism, inter-sectional theory, and trauma-informed care. 

If these actions are not taken, it will enable racists to do things like this again, knowing that there will be no consequences. 

If these actions are not taken, we will not donate to California Lutheran University as students, as alumni, as a community. 

By signing this petition, we are #CLUUnitedAgainstRacism. 

We ask this of university leadership. Everyone listed below signed a letter saying the following: "While this work must continue and additional initiatives are planned, we are encouraged by the open communication and partnership with members of the Black Student Union and Sisters’ Circle and other students that led us here and should help keep us on track to further improvements. Our community is stronger because of everyone’s dedication to make Cal Lutheran better." - An email sent to CLU students on March 2nd.

President Kimball also said the following: "Diversity, inclusion and equity work takes an ongoing and intentional commitment to make progress and affect lasting change. This includes addressing racist behavior by calling it out and bringing issues to trusted faculty, staff and administrators, including me." - An email sent to CLU students on February 5th.

You have talked the talk. Now we ask that you walk the walk. 

Chris Kimball - President

Leanne Neilson - Provost and VP for Academic Affairs

Karen Davis - VP for Administration and Finance

Melissa Maxwell-Doherty - VP for Mission and Identity

Melinda Roper - VP for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Matthew Ward - VP for Enrollment Management and Marketing

Regina Biddings-Muro - VP for University Advancement