Justice for Juan Rayford, Jr.

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Juan Rayford Jr. was sentenced to 220 plus 11 life sentences at age 17. He is now 32 and still awaiting justice for a crime he did not commit, furthermore, no one was hurt. His whole defense was not competent, his bail clearly is in violation of the 8th amendment. 11,000,000 dollars for an alleged crime that no one was hurt in. No one could prove his involvement and it is a clear case of Railroading.

He has never had a chance to live or pursue any dreams. He has fallen victim to over zealous prosecutors, and tunnel vision police officials. This young man deserves his freedom, or at the very least a new trial, so that the facts can come out and the true nature of that fateful night can come to light. He has fallen victim to a system  that targets and exploits youth with a minority background.  His story, however, is especially disturbing due to the gross overkill of his sentencing. 220 years is bad enough but to add insult to injury, 11 life sentences were heaped upon a young man who otherwise had a bright and promising future.

Please join us in the pursuit of justice for Mr. Rayford and his family.

Thank you. Signed, the End The School to Prison Pipeline

Stephen Bobo, CEO and Founder