Sign AB 1024 & allow immigrants to fulfill their potential as attorneys

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AB 1024 would allow professionals in California to practice law regardless of their immigrant status. By signing this petition you are urging Governor Jerry Brown to sign AB 1024 into law and make California a leading state that supports the dreams of undocumented professionals. Governor Brown has until October 13 to sign AB 1024 into law for California. We must act quickly and spread the word to gain as much support as possible for this measure. AB 1024 could help set a precedent for many other states throughout our nation. Stand up for the dreams of these professionals by signing your name to this petition and urging your friends and family to do the same. 

THE MEASURE:  AB 1024 would grant professionals without documents the right to practice law in California.

AB 1024 was inspired by the case of Sergio C. Garcia, a childhood arrival defending his dream to practice law in the United States. The measure was created by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) with the support of the California Latino Legislative Caucus. Our country's broken immigration system has directly contributed to leaving many undocumented professionals unable to practice law even though they meet the necessary requirements. AB 1024 would allow professionals in California to practice law regardless of their immigrant status and it could set a precedent for other states to follow.

AB 1024: When Sergio Garcia presented his case before the California Supreme Court judges suggested that California legislature had to decide whether or not professionals without documents would be admitted to the California State Bar. The Supreme Court of California indicated that it was legislator’s responsibility to make this decision and the focus then turned to the language of law. It was then that Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez and the California Latino Legislative Caucus created AB 1024.  The rapid response of Gonzalez and the Latino Caucus in a matter of days rallied momentum and support in the community for the measure.

AB 1024 passed in the Senate with a 28-5 vote and it passed in the Assembly with a bipartisan support of 60-3. It is now up to Governor Brown to sign AB 1024 into law for the state of California.

There are individuals in the U.S. who have passed the bar that are waiting for a license to practice their profession. The decision on AB 1024 in California could help set a precedent to help make their dream a reality.  Stand up for these dreams by signing this petition. 

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