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On June 13, 2015, I lost my daughter, Genise Dennell Harts. She was only 20 years old. She had medi-cal under Kern Families in Kern County. She had been bleeding for over a year and had gone to her primary physician to find out what was wrong. Countless visits she made to the doctors office. It took 6 months of her going in with bloody stool and puss for them to refer her to a specialist. I had to call, scream and yell why where they not treating her!

Finally in January 2015, she was seen by a "gastro" specialist who diagnosed her with ulcerative colitis. She went to a few appointments and apparently he advised her to get a second opinion after doing a colonoscopy. However, he never contacted the primary doctor or made a referral for further treatment which is Medical's procedure. Genise told me during this time he never advised her of that.

Genise began to get worse I took her to over 4 different emergency rooms (Mercy Sw, Providence Tarzana, Kern Medical and Mercy on Truxtun) between March and June. Approximately 10 or more times. The emergency room doctors always said,  "It was nothing. Its stress, she needs to learn how to eat." The hospitals would only hydrate her and give her pain medicine. At one point they said that was all they could do for her. They were not equipped to deal with situations like these. Really.. not equipped to save lives?!!

The hospitals did x-rays but never went any further. They discovered she had an infection in her intestines and only gave her antibiotics in the hospital. Medi-cal would deny all her medications prescribed. I began calling specialist however no one would see her.  They had no appointments for months. I told them her condition worsened and she had lost 27 pounds in 10 days. Still nothing. Her last 2 weeks, she spent in pain, bleeding and vomiting acid from her stomach because she was unable to eat or drink anything. It was clear she was sick. She had sores in her mouth from the internal fever. She was so pale and had a blood transfusion at Providence Tarzana. The hospital still sent her home doing nothing.

The "gastro" specialist, Dr. Ravi refused to return any of my calls for 2 weeks.  He would not return my calls until I threatened to report him to State Licensing. Then finally 3 days before my daughter passed he informed me of the request for a second opinion which my daughter never made it to. I even took her into his office and they refused to call the doctor despite her condition. 

Two days before she passed Mercy Southwest Hospital had her in the E.R. They did just enough so that she could have an endoscopy at an outside source. They knew she was too weak to have the procedure done and refused to have it done in the hospital and stated she already had an appointment at the outside surgery center. Her blood pressure would not even come up on the monitor because it was too low. When they tried to take samples of her blood it would not come out. And still had the infection in her intestines months later.

 Once the endoscopy was done they found black ulcers in her esophagus. Why would they not do emergency procedures to remove these?! She never had a chance. The next morning she passed away. She was unable to breath and ultimately suffered a cardiac arrest from all her organs suddenly shutting down.

My daughter was a hardworking young woman who was not given the treatment she deserved. I feel that if my daughter would have had better insurance or money the doctors would have found out what was wrong with her and she would have never lost her life. I want people to come together and fight for doctors to do their job no matter how much income an individual has. I do not want my daughter's death to be in vain. The worst part of all this is that I cannot sue the Hospitals or Doctors because of a law that was put in place in 1975 which states non-economic damages are limited to $250,000. Non-economic damages include claims for pain and suffering, loss of consortium, both of which permit the financial recovery for losing limbs, losing sight or hearing, the ability to walk, and all other losses that do not directly relate to economic losses.Since it is not a lot of money no Attorney would take the case and the statute of limitations has expired.

Now we are working with Los Angeles SEIU to sue Medical for better healthcare. Even though we wont get a dime to avenge my daughter's death, I want her name to be remembered for making a change in medical history offering better healthcare to those less fortunate.

 Please fight for better medical coverage for those less fortunate!! It can happen to anyone even your family member! Please sign and share petition!!

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