Move San Onofre Waste 5 miles inland. Safe, Secure, Now.

Move San Onofre Waste 5 miles inland. Safe, Secure, Now.

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Why this petition matters

Current Situation is unacceptable
There is 3.6 million pounds of waste at San Onofre, only 100 ft from the ocean, near I-5 and rail, and within 4 miles of a 7.4 magnitude faultline. This is an accident waiting to happen, and no one believes this is a good place for the waste. It is just too easy for terrorists to access this site.

Popular Solution is a Non-starter
The current alternative is to move the waste 1350 miles to New Mexico to a proposed Consolidated Interim Storage (CIS) site. Southern California Edison already proved they could not be trusted in the recent near-drop incident which they did not report to the public nor to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. We have no confidence that they can move the waste to New Mexico, and it is not clear that site will even be built. Nor should we feel comfortable pawning off our waste on another state.

The Solution
Move the waste about FIVE MILES INLAND, within the security of Camp Pendleton and at a higher elevation of about 450 feet, so it is away from tsunami and sealevel rise threats. This doubles the distance to the Newport-Inglewood-Rose Canyon fault line and keeps the waste on local and secure roads, and away from terrorist threats.

The new site should be HELMS compliant, and use "thick" dual-layer cask design that can be maintained to last 1,000 years (and not just 40 years, the current plan.)

Join the fight! We need your help to get the word out. Inform elected officials. Pressure utility execs. Activists unite!
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109 have signed. Let’s get to 200!