Let them Play

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Our Children have been subject to stay at home orders or shelter in place since March 13th 2020. No Schooling, No working out in gyms, No Social activities what so ever.

It is a proven fact people need to interact with others and although the covid-19 disease is deadly, our children have rarely been affected.

Sports activities are a integral part of peoples lives and having youth Sports shutdown for 6 months is having a devastating affect on our children's mental and physical health.

Baseball/Softball is not a contact sport and with the size of the playing fields social distancing is easily maintained more so than any other Sport. It has been proven in other States who are holding very large events without any covid cases being reported.

It is time to open our Baseball/Softball Fields in California! Kids have better peer relationships, and fewer behavioral problems. The discipline and training needed to participate in sports helps to develop successful adults and it allows our youth to play not only for the physical conditioning but many will rely on these Sports to get them scholarships to attend College and become prominent members of our communities.

Many large Department Stores, Grocery Stores and other establishments are open and have less social distancing.

A comprehensive study and analysis of existing research found that leisure-time physical activity is associated with reduced risk of 13 different types of cancer, including breast, colon, liver and myeloid leukemia.

We respectfully ask you lift the ban on these two Sports immediately which will also help the economies of many Cities as also the well being of our Youth.