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Legalization Of Hedgehogs In California

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  Hedgehogs should be legalized in California. I find it very interesting how marijuana is being legalized in California yet hedgehogs are still illegal. On another previous petition site (Fight to legalize hedgehogs in California!) for hedgehogs being legal in California. I saw that the petition was closed due to the California Government Office stating that they will not legalize hedgehogs because they may carry diseases that have harmful effects to  agriculture and humans. On an article I found called ( Hedgehog Zoonoses )it talked about a disease that hedgehogs can have which is called zoonoses. When most people hear the word “disease” they tend to strive away from it not trying to help at all. But, just like any other disease there are ways to prevent it. In an article titled( Preventing Zoonoses ) it touches the topic on ways to reduce/prevent this disease. If agriculture effects and diseases from hedgehogs is such an issue when it comes to the legalization of hedgehogs in the state of California; then why are other states allowing hedgehogs to thrive and be legal? Obviously this is not a huge issue and is not harming agriculture and other humans if states are allowing hedgehogs to be pets. A way to prevent a sick hedgehog form potentially carrying harmful diseases is by contacting local breeders that actually know what they are doing. Here's a site that gives most of the best hedgehog breeders who do a pretty good job at breeding (Hedgehog Central ).The California Government Office gave reasons why they won't legalize hedgehogs and I just gave them the answers to their concerns about legalizing hedgehogs. If I can answer their problem about hedgehogs then why not make them legal? Please allow the lovable hedgehogs to be legal in California especially because the climate is good for them. Hedgehogs do have spikes on their backs but they don't launch out at you like the porcupines do. Please allow hedgehogs to be sold at local pet stores and adoption centers. I ask that you please sign my petition.


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