Justice For Tyrone Duran

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We The People Of The United States of America Demand the Justice Of Our Beloved Son, Grandson, Brother, Father, Uncle, Cousin, Nephew, And Most Of All Friend.

Tyrone Duran was murdered in cold blood by his estranged girlfriend and her ex boyfriend who currently  on trial for the murder but she hasn't been charged in the placing the call to Tyrone to get him to her home to have the ex boyfriend stab Tyrone.

Chris Chacon should be held accountable for the role she played in Tyrone's death all who was there including Chris Chacon's brother for not calling or stopping the crime before it happened so all 3 parties shall be charged in the murder of Tyrone Duran.

The Girlfriend name is Chris Tella Chacon, She needs to be charged with 1st degree murder as accessory for setting up Tyron while she knew that her ex boyfriend  George Delgado was waiting for Tyrone to come over. 

Chris Chacon brother is just as guilty as the other 2 named above and charges should be filed upon him as well.

That alone is a set up that has  special circumstances and is felony conviction 1, then the 2  lying in wait to horrifically stab our beloved Tyrone Duran.

Downey Judicial District 7500 E. Imperial Highway Downey, CA 90242 (562) 940-8611 WHITTIER, California

(KABC) -- Los Angeles County sheriff's homicide detectives are looking for a man suspected of carrying out a deadly stabbing in unincorporated Whittier Saturday morning. Deputies responded to a call of an assault with a knife in the 13500 block of Trumball Street at about 7:30 a.m. When they arrived, deputies found 43-year-old Tyrone Duran lying on the front lawn of a home suffering from a stab wound, authorities said in a news release.     Duran was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. Witnesses told investigators that the victim and suspect, identified as 53-year-old George Delgado, knew each other and were hanging out in front of a home. The two men apparently started arguing over an ex-girlfriend, and then the suspect stabbed the victim with a folding knife, authorities said. The weapon was recovered at the scene. The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information on the suspect's whereabouts was asked to contact the L.A. County Sheriff's Department's Homicide Bureau at (323) 890-5500. Related Topics:news stabbing homicide homicide investigation Whittier Los Angeles County Under California law, there are three ways to be convicted of first-degree murder: by committing the murder using a destructive device or explosive, weapon of mass destruction, ammunition primarily designed to penetrate metal or armor, or poison, or by lying in wait or by inflicting torture pursuant to Penal Code 206 PC California's torture law by killing in a way that is willful, deliberate, and premeditated, OR by way of the felony-murder rule (that is, by committing a specifically enumerated felony that automatically turns any logically related death into first-degree murder, discussed below).5Examples of first-degree murder include (but are not limited to): going to someone's house intending to kill him/her, and lying in wait for someone to return to his/her car in order to kill that individual, and any murder that is perpetrated using a destructive device or explosive.1.2. Capital murder Under California law, capital murder...also referred to as first-degree murder with special circumstances...refers to first-degree murder charges that are punishable by either capital punishment (the death penalty) in California, ora state prison sentence for life without the possibility of parole "LWOP" .Capital murder applies to over 20 different situations that involve murder. These "special circumstances" that elevate first-degree murder to capital murder are listed in California Penal Code 190.2 PC and include (but are not limited to).

Murdering another for financial gain , murdering more than one victim , murdering a police officer, firefighter, prosecutor, judge, juror, or elected official , murdering a witness to prevent him/her from testifying ,murdering another while committing, attempting to commit, or immediately after committing any of the felonies that subject a defendant to the first-degree felony-murder rule ,murdering another because of his/her race, color, religion, nationality, or country of origin ,murdering another by discharging a firearm from a motor vehicle (otherwise known as a "drive-by" shooting), and murdering another for the benefit of a criminal street gang pursuant to Penal Code 186.22 PC.61.3. Second-degree murder in California Law Under California Penal Code 187, second-degree murder is also willful but is not deliberate and premeditated.

Second-degree murder is any murder that isn't defined as first-degree murder.7 Examples of second-degree murder include (but are not limited to): shooting a gun into a crowded room and killing someone, even if that wasn't your intention (this is also a violation of Penal Code 246.3 PC negligently discharging a firearm),8 and a convicted DUI offender getting drunk and causing an accident that kills another person.1.4. The felony-murder rule California's felony-murder rule applies to both first- and second-degree murder. It essentially creates murder liability for individual  or their accomplices who kill another person during the commission of a dangerous felony. Under California murder law, there is no requirement that you kill the victim in furtherance of the underlying felony. In fact, any death that is logically related to the felony will suffice, regardless of whether it was intentional, accidental, or negligent.9, This means that even unforeseeable deaths will subject you to murder charges, so long as there is more than a mere coincidence between the time and place of the murder and the other felony. Example: John enters a gas station with a gun in order to rob the attendant. When the attendant doesn't immediately comply with John's demands, John fires a warning shot into the air. The bullet ricochets off the ceiling and hits the attendant. Even though John didn't intend to kill the attendant.but rather only intended to scare him.he is liable for murder under California's felony-murder rule

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