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Blinding Headlights: Traffic deaths up 8% nationally

Donald Berry
Pasadena, CA

Dec 8, 2015 — Greetings,

I wanted to share with you the latest unfortunate data that show that traffic related fatalities are up 8% nationally. This article from the Boston Globe details the numbers and reports that the administrator of NHTSA believes that along with a 3.5% increase in miles driven, distractions from cellphones and drunk driving are to blame.

While all of these factors are sure to be involved, none of them are new and I personally doubt that they tell the whole story. Almost every one who drives has owned a cell phone for years and there is widespread awareness of the dangers of texting and driving.

What is different is the trend in new cars coming standard with blindingly bright LED and HID headlights. Over 1,700 people have signed this petition in agreement that blinding headlights pose an obvious danger.

People have posted comments relating how these lights cause them pain and aggravation, force them to adjust their mirrors in ways that make them almost useless, and induce headaches. Some people have given up driving altogether because of this insidious trend.

The only answer is enough concerned citizens speaking up and putting an end to this literal NON-SENSE.

I am writing today to encourage you to get involved. is a small organization doing its best to get the word out and demand change. We could use your involvement at any and all levels.

Please visit our website and have a look around and then contact either me or Roy. If enough of us speak out this will get the attention it deserves and people will realize that these lights may be costing lives.




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