Hair Salons Are An Inevitable Business - Make Us Essential!

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As business closures become the solution to controlling the spread of COVID-19, hair salons and barbershops are taking an enormous, and unnecessary hit. Shutdown or not, people continue to seek our services and we continue to provide services. If you haven’t had your hair done during quarantine I bet you know someone who has.

As an Inevitable Business, hair salons and barbershops need to be included in the Essential Business list and allowed to remain open during closures.

We’ve seen proof that we are able to operate safely inside our regulated establishments without contributing to the spread of COVID-19. As posted on the CDC website, two stylists in Missouri had COVID-19, wore masks, and 139 clients did not become infected.

By pushing us out of our business and into backyards and kitchens, not only are we more at risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19, we’re also another mouth for the government to feed. The CA State Board and CDC have well thought out guidelines for us to follow. The minute we provide backyard services those guidelines go out the window. 

The impact of closing a business that can safely remain open is massive. We are asking that as a business that is not contributing to the spread of COVID-19, hair salons and barbershops be allowed to remain open along with other Essential Businesses.

Although we may not be seen as essential, we are inevitable. Allowed or not, we will continue to provide sought out hair services at the request of our customers. We have no choice but to work to keep our business afloat. It is simply safer and financially beneficial for everyone to allow us to work in our existing, highly regulated environments then pushing us out to backyards and kitchens.