Grant Commutation for Incarcerated Survivor Brandy Scott!

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As the #MeToo movement continues to gain momentum, we at the TGI Justice Project and Survived & Punished are asking for your support in lifting up and supporting the needs of Black transgender survivors. While we know that prison is a site of sexual, physical, emotional and spiritual violence for all people, for Black trans women this violence increases exponentially. There are very few resources available to protect incarcerated Black trans women from violence and discrimination, so we are asking for your help requesting that Governor Gavin Newsom commute Brandy Scott’s sentence and release her back to her community.

Brandy Scott is a Black transgender woman serving a 22 year sentence at the Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF) in Chowchilla, California. Brandy was criminalized for defending herself against her abusive partner. Having already served her base term, she continues to be incarcerated because of an enhancement. In March 2018, Brandy submitted an application for commutation of her sentence. She then updated her petition under Governor Newsom. If Governor Newsom approves her commutation, Brandy could be released and home with her community. Will you sign this petition and support currently incarcerated Black trans women?

Throughout her young life, Brandy struggled with her gender identity and sexuality and had no support from her family. She grew up in an emotionally and physically abusive home that provided her with years of harm instead of the nurturing that a young person needs to thrive. She thought she had found support in her partner who would accept her as a proud Black trans woman, but her partner became abusive, which ultimately led to her incarceration for self-defense. Brandy is one of two transgender women serving time in a women’s facility in California. In prison, she has experienced relentless harassment from guards and other prisoners who view her as a “freak” and is frequently the brunt of cruel jokes.

While in prison, Brandy has studied psychology, the impacts of trauma, and the similarities between her story and other Black trans women. She has participated in programs and tried to take advantage of the few resources available to her. Despite facing anti-trans bias in prison that has prevented her from accessing many programs, Brandy has taken advantage of the limited resources available to her. For example, Brandy founded a committee in CCWF to inform prisoners on their right to vote. She has also worked hard to support the well-being of incarcerated trans people and is an ally in TGIJP’s advocacy supporting currently and formerly incarcerated trans people.

Brandy is a beloved long-term member of the TGI Justice Project, Survived & Punished, and the California Coalition for Women Prisoners. When released, Brandy is dedicated to fighting for trans, queer, and sex worker rights. She also dreams of implementing an after-school curriculum for gang members, which she wrote while incarcerated. Brandy is a sweet, loving, and thoughtful person who will be an asset to our communities.

Please join us in asking Governor Newsom to grant commutation to incarcerated survivor, Brandy Scott!

Thank you for your support. Please also see our petitions to commute Rae & Stacey. To support more survivors, follow us @survivepunish.