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I have been incarcerated since1990, at the time of my arrest I was 21 years old and I am now 51 years old. The crime I was charged with is aiding and abetting first degree murder and attempted murder. Allegedly I was sitting in the car when the driver of the car exited the vehicle and committed the crime ." I am innocent of this crime" and have proclaimed to be since the day of my arrest. The person who committed the crime  and pleaded guilty to being that person who murdered both victims was given a plea bargain to testify that I was sitting inside of the vehicle at the time the crime occurred. The person who committed this heinous crime has since been released from prison for over 10 years. I refused to take a plea bargain and was convicted of aiding and abetting. I was sentenced to 26 years to life, plus natural life with the possibility of parole.

In September 2018 a new law was enacted by the California Senate (senate bill 1437) This new law qualifies those who were convicted for first degree murder under the prior felony murder rule, but those who were not the actual person to pull the trigger eligible for resentencing. The law calls for those who qualify to be resentenced according to their participation and culpability in the crime.  

In March 2019 I filed a petition with Los Angeles County Superior Court requesting to be resentenced under (SB 1437). Since filing my petition with the Court my case has continuously be postponed, approx 8 times. My next hearing dates are scheduled for January the 7th  2021 for defense reply and January 29th 2021 for order to show cause.

During my incarceration I have continuously worked toward bettering myself, so that upon my release I can be a productive and contributing member of society. I have completed  College and hold 2 Associate in Arts Degrees in both { Social and Behavioral Science and American Studies}. I was on the Honour Roll numerous semesters and graduated with a 3.42 GPA. I have also completed vocational construction and I am  NCEER Certified in Construction. I have also completed other vocational courses  such as Computer literacy and building maintenance. I have participated in and completed several self help programs. In am currently in the DEFY Ventures Entrepreneur Program, which upon my completion I qualify for start up funds toward my own business upon my release.  

I would like to Thank you for taking the time to out of your day to read my petition. I hope I have conveyed to you the unfairness and injustice in the prison sentence I received. I hope that you will sign my petition and help me gain my freedom and my life back. I Thank you for your understanding and compassion, May God Bless You and Your Family during these unchartered times.

Sincerely, Bryant. G. Wilson