Ending Law enforcement Crimes, violations to our inmates civil rights to Due Process!

Ending Law enforcement Crimes, violations to our inmates civil rights to Due Process!

April 1, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Constitutional violations, Due process rights of California Jails and prisons.  By: Jessenia Santacruz

Salinas Police Officers testing positive for Corid-19 virus and refuse to disclose any information to the public for whatever the reason is. Several officers have contracted and tested positive for the Corid-19 virus.  This is simply not right! They must report to the department of health officials, so they can let us know what is going on in our community.  

Let alone, how many are contracted and not disclosing information, whether they are under quarantine and isolating themselves from the spread. It can easily open doors to a nightmare already awaiting to our helpless inmates in Monterey county jail.  We must push the issue and enforce these matters out immediately!!     

Our police officials are becoming a major threat to our community and society!  This is a crime!!!!     This is a silent and deadly way these officers are handling such deadly contagious virus!!! It’s like committing murder! Most infected do die!

Monterey County Sheriffs are entering the dorms where the inmates are housed, without any precautions on wearing any PPE and the danger of contaminating it, not following the order of (Social Distancing) while they make their hourly count!!!    This is a major threat to the well-being of the inmates!!! Bad enough their living conditions, lack of sanitation's, cleaning supplies and most important lack of medical care.

These officers are not enforcing what has been officially ordered “Shelter in Place”, a major problem law enforcement aren’t following or respecting their own roles and duties, which they are to protect us and punish the ones who violate such law…Its right in our face. These law enforcement are committing the crime!   This is not constitutional, and it is putting the lives of the community and the inmates who are at higher risk of contracting corid-19.

Bringing matters for the ones who can’t voice and address how California officials are violating inmates’ fundamental rights to due process.  Such violations to civil rights such as: eight amendment: cruel and unusual punishment!!!  Deliberate indifference risking serious civil litigation's and suits from arising, and for their well-being and the seriousness of medical harm.

Corid-19 outbreak: Municipal courts and court hearings are in Violation for the Due Process right to seek and speak to council and taking advantage of their right to a speedy trial. Meaning to prolong the court date hearings from 30-60 days can be crucial for any inmate right to Due process: to be held before and deprived of their life… liberty… or property. 

I cannot simplify the violation to inmates’ constitutional rights during this horrifying time, the sorrow cries that echo through those walls as their loved ones pray for their well-being and for their day to be released home. Urgent: Release these inmates whom have not been convicted and are currently fighting their cases to be released on home confinement! Shelter with their loved ones

By voicing and speaking upon situations that our inmates can’t, I hope this information will bring civil liberation's where changes are made to the current situations we face and putting a stop to it in the future. Implying and permitting to stand by law.


Jessenia Santa Cruz per

Julius Santa Cruz #1910685

Monterey County Jail

1410 Natividad Rd 

Salinas, CA 93906

I couldn’t stress over this crucial time, a single mother who has and will continue to fight for the release of my son Julius Santa Cruz who has been tried as an adult and now facing adult punishment. I cant express how much time I have put to his case that now we have a appeal in the 6th District circuit, which we are challenging the misconduct of the authorities and the ineffective council that did not defend to his ability to make sure he met my sons best interest in his case. Violating his rights in so many ways, that now we can voice the issues to a higher court and bring relief to his case and let justice do its best.  April 1, 2020



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Signatures: 70Next Goal: 100
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