Change the legal age of drinking/serving alcohol in California to 19

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The legal drinking age in California needs to lowered to 19 to rid of binge drinking and to help keep college kids safer from deaths related to alcohol. Teenagers are rebellious and tend to do things they are told not to do. The statistics show that the law stops nothing at all. In my opinion, as a 19 year old college freshmen attending a Christian University, alcohol abuse is out of control and binge drinking is a serious problem. I relay this statement cautiously. I do not intend for you to read this message and think because alcohol abuse is a huge problem we should create stricter laws or enforce the one we already have. I simply want to share my perspective and possibly open your mind to a society that does not put a negative connotation on drinking at the age of 19. I signed my draft papers recently and I thought to myself how truly messed up our society is. I can be recruited for war, but can not go to a bar and enjoy a beer with my friends because I am, what, "too" irresponsible to handle alcohol. If I was that irresponsible why in the hell would you want me fighting to protect you? Stop looking at this topic with such a closed mind. As adults, we need to teach teenagers how to handle alcohol appropriately, not tell them that they can't not have it. I find 19 to be a very reasonable number. I found 18 to be to much. Because of the fact most 18 year olds are still in high school this can not be the age required for purchase/consumption. It would increase the amount of high school kids drinking alcohol and that is obviously not good. With the research I have done, and the experiences I have been through, 19 is a great number in my opinion. Why? Because most 19 year olds are truly adults or becoming one quickly. At 18 you head off to college filled with wonders and curiosity. From the first class you walk in, to the final you take on the last day of class, you change. For some, more than others. College is a time of experiences, learning, and finding yourself. Along the way, new perspectives are formed and new ideas created. However, if there is one thing I can say I truly have learned from college its that binge drinking IS everywhere. Help me change the connotation on alcohol and get to educating your kids/friends/families all about alcohol and binge drinking. 

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