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Fix the California SMOG computer fail nightmare.

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The problem: People's vehicles are failing to pass California state smog testing due an on board computer not 'resetting' despite passing SMOG emission testing.

SMOG testers can not pass the vehicle because of this. The cure is being told to drive your car more and in specific ways to properly allow your vehicle to reset it's computer but that does not work a majority of the time. In the mean time drivers are wasting time, gas, money and adding more exhaust fumes to our air.

This is happening to thousands of Californians whom are being told by their dealer and or their mechanics that the car is running perfect yet the SMOG testers cannot pass the vehicle because of this computer 'reset' problem restriction.

This requirement is causing far more harm than good by causing people to drive 100's (sometimes 1000's) of extra miles simply trying to get their vehicles on-board computer to 'reset', adding much more exhaust fumes in the air than they normally would.

Many have spent thousands on repairs trying to resolve this problem without satisfaction.

Contacting BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repairs) and or the California DMV (Department of  Motor Vehicles) has proven to be ineffective (and sometimes combative) drivers have reported online.


There is an online web site organized by smog testers to revoke this counter productive requirement and deal with other problems caused by the BAR's "STAR" program.


This needs to be fixed. If the car passes emissions and has no other emission and or fuel leakage then it needs to be passed. Chasing a computer problem by adding tons of fuel exhaust to our air and costing $1000's in non effective repairs is counter productive.

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