Ban Firework use in California

Ban Firework use in California

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Disclaimer: I would have wanted to change this across the United States, however, I figured I'd start small for now and just focus on California. 

Fireworks have long been a use of entertainment across the U.S. for special events and holidays and even amusement parks. Today is the 4th of July and many people around the United States, and in my own city, are still launching fireworks despite Covid-19. While they are pretty and fun to watch, they have many downsides. 

PTSD in Military Veterans - 

The loud sounds of fireworks and the flashing lights can act as a trigger for    some veterans PTSD, causing great amounts of stress and anxiety. For 4th  of July specifically being about the celebration of Americas independence,       triggering PTSD in American veterans is not a good way to honor them and their sacrifices. 

Starts Fires -

Especially in California, being a state known for it's large abundance of fires annually, fireworks are a hazard. Many of the fires that are caused annually in California annually. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, 13 fires were started just today (July 4th, 2020), many of them being suspected of having fireworks as the cause. California has enough fires annually as it is, not needing fireworks to add on to the count. 

Negative Affects on Animals - 

As I was watching fireworks on July fourth, I noticed the bats that normally reside in the trees in my backyard flying around seemingly very disoriented and frightened. My own dog was even shaking so loud from the sounds of the booms she was visibly vibrating. Not only are fireworks frightening towards animals but it can also result in their deaths. According to, birds become frightened by the bright lights and sounds of the fireworks, become disoriented and fall to their demise by crashing into buildings, cars and trees. 

Bad for the Environment - 

According to, fireworks cause "extensive air pollution in a short amount of time" by leaving dangerous toxins and metal particles as well as harmful chemicals in the air for hours and even days, which is bad for both animal and human health. According to Science Focus these harmful chemicals can dissolve into our drinking water and the smoke created by the fireworks negatively affects air quality. Particle pollution is increased by 42% the following days after the 4th of July due to fireworks. 

don't worry, I'm not just gonna leave you hanging without a list of alternatives. Here's a few that are still fun and entertaining while being more environmentally conscious.

  1. Laser light show - despite electricity used during the show, they can be used multiple times rather than just once.  And they are just as pretty and entertaining as fireworks. 
  2. Use Eco-friendly fireworks - Yes, they do exist. And while they don't solve every problem listed above, they are more environmentally friendly. One company uses compressed air to lift the fireworks instead of gunpowder and harmful chemicals. While it doesn't completely solve the issue, its a better alternative. However, a laser light show would be the best option. 

Banning fireworks in California would be the best option to resolve all of the issues listed above and would be more environmentally friendly. 

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