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Ask California Governor Jerry Brown to grant Clemency to an Innocent Man!

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Every three days in America, there is at least 1 person released from prison for a crime they did not commit! But, there are still thousands that remain locked away! Locked away to die in prison because the system is broke! The Prosecution NEVER wants to admit it made a mistake, and is more interested in keeping their 'WIN' totals up, than getting to the real truth and correcting an unjust verdict! This unfortunately can happen to anyone, even you and/or your loved one! It happened to mine, and I need your help to help him! Here is his story:

Zachary Pettus has been in prison for a crime he did not commit for 34 years and counting! He is serving a Life Without the Possibility of Parole. Zac came from Cincinnati, Ohio to Huntington Beach, California as an 18 year old, with no history of violence, criminal activity, or deviant tendencies. He came to 'grow up' and be looked at as a maturing young adult. He was the youngest of 10 children, with the 5 oldest being old enough to be his parents; and he even had nieces and nephews older than his self, so he was always looked upon and treated as the 'baby.'  He came to stay with his older sister in California in the hope to change that. He was only in California for 5 months when EVERYTHING went horribly wrong! Just about a month after he turned 19 years old in October of 1983, Zac was arrested for Murder, Robbery, and Burglary with Special Circumstances.  He was convicted on January 17, 1985 by a jury complied of 10 white citizens, one young Hispanic woman and one African-American male. (Please note, the Hispanic woman and the African-American male sent a note to the defense after the trial, it said that they did not believe the Prosecution had proven their case and they had wanted to return a verdict of "Not Guilty" but the other jurors threatened and intimidated them to change their verdicts.)  These claims were part of the many facts used by the defense to ask the court to vacate the verdict and grant a new trial, but were denied by the court.

He has been in prison for so long that allot of evidence that would have helped to prove his innocence have been permanently lost or destroyed. Allot of witnesses have died or their memory of the details of the event are foggy. And, to get an attorney and Private Investigator to take the case will cost over $100,000 when everything is said and done, and I don't have the funds! I wish that I had known Zac in the beginning, I've only known him for 10 years, and have been fighting for his freedom ever since. But little of nothing was done on his case before then! I fear the ONLY relief we can pray for is a Clemency/Pardon by the Governor of California!  Even though we now have new laws in place in California to help people like Zac, it will involve going before a Parole Board and letting them know how "sorry you are for committing your crime," and if you don't show regret, you are denied parole! And to someone as honest, thoughtful and as innocent of the crime as Zac, to have to lie to a Parole Board to win his freedom after 34+ years of proclaiming his innocence, would be like poison to his soul and unthinkable, and something I couldn't and wouldn't ask or expect him to do! So, I believe the Governor is our best solution! 

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