May 2, 2020
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Started by Lino Campos


Dear California Governor Gavin Newsom 


I am writing to you to implore your help during these most of difficult of times as both a member of the Beauty industry and as an independent local businessman. I, like many others have been deeply affected by the recent shutdowns of all businesses considered as “nonessential”. As an independent contractor/businessman like many others out there some are unable to collect unemployment, and thus do not have access to financial assistance/relief and as of now no source of continuous income. This has not only affected me, but my family, and other fellow independent stylists/businessmen and has left us in a vulnerable position both financially and emotionally. The future post corona virus seems very uncertain at this time, despite being told our basic necessities such as access to electricity, running water, and essentials will not be hindered. Yet despite these assurances’ bills still need to be paid, rent will still be collected, and even if they have the option to be postponed, they will eventually need to be paid. A possible result from is that most Americans will continue to amass a large amount of debt that has the potential to become a financial hill/obstacle that with time can become both intimidating and insurmountable for us working class folks.


To be realistic even when all of this is done, the fear and panic that has continued to plague the people of the world will remain for many months and possibly more. Life will never be the same for any of us, and to say that things will pick up where they left off would be an unrealistic ideal to fathom. We cannot deny that fear has a power to change a person and their way of life. Once the coronavirus has done its damage and left who is to say that life can continue as it was. Will people still be afraid to leave their homes, to continue working, and to continue to support local businesses such as myself? At this point seems uncertain. As it at this time even leaving to procure groceries or any other essentials can seem daunting. Even myself I cannot say that with the current situation that I will ever be able to recover 100% from this, owning two business and barely even having enough to support one, let alone my family leaves me in fear of the future. As it is working in a competitive industry is difficult, but not being able to work period is even worse, and not having access to resources such as financial assistance makes the situation seem even more dismal.


I am appealing to you on behalf of myself and all those affected in the beauty industry, to please find a compromise to our current situation, rather than being completely unable to operate. We are not asking for a handout, we are asking to find solutions that can meet every health and safety standard that is mandated by the California State Board of Barbering & Cosmetology. As it is our profession educates and requires us as licensed individuals to follow and take every safety precaution during services and all hours of operation. If possible, I believe we should be able to continue business under strict rules and regulation. As well as mandate for all industry workers to be tested for COVID-19 should they chose to continue working.


Below are my suggestions as rules and regulations should we be able to reopen:


1.     To continue as mandated by the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology to clean and disinfect our tools thoroughly before and after every service, and maintaining a clean work area at all times as required..


2.     Limit the amount of people allowed to come by making all services appointment based only


3.     To properly wash and disinfect our hands between all services and have access to hand sanitizer at all stations, the front counter, restroom, and break room areas.


4.     To ensure all items in the shop that are used during service are properly labeled as the following: CLEAN, SOILED, or IMPLEMENTS TO BE DISINFECTED. And that all chemical products, receptacles, and waste bins are also labeled as well.


5.     To advise all service providers to refrain from working if ill as well as customers that are showing signs of symptoms of illness to reschedule their appointments for a later date. As well as to continue to wear protective gear such as: gloves, face masks, protective eye wear, smocks/aprons, etc. When dealing with high volumes of customers or with services that necessitate being in close proximity with individuals.


6.     That all AC/Air Filters be clean daily and changed 2-4 times per year.


7.     To have an accessible OSHA approved First aid kid at every place of business


8.     To have the latest digital no contact thermometer reader to ensure the health and temperature of both the customers and employees


It is with great passion and desire that I would write to you to help bring back what I believe is an integral part of our community as we know that there are individuals out there such as those that are currently serving on the front line that are in need of our services. I speak from personal experience being that many of our customers are those that continue to serve our community such as: doctors, nurses, police offices, emergency responders, grocery store cashiers, food/restaurant servers, etc.


I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing a response from you soon.



Lino (Aquilino) Campos/ Lic. Barber & Local Business Owner

The Cream Shop

2045 E. Cesar E Chavez Ave.

Boyle Heights, CA. 90033

Cell#: (323)338-5584


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Signatures: 1,104Next Goal: 1,500
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