End the carpool lane! It's being abused and is impossible to enforce.

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Everyday I sit on the freeway and watch as people drive by in the carpool lane with no passenger and no access sticker on their car. Never do I see any of them get pulled over for this violation. Why? Because it is simply unenforceable. Law enforcement is understaffed and busy enforcing more pressing violations. Furthermore, I drive a Prius but because I didn't get in on the access sticker in the beginning (when lawmakers were undoubtedly bribed by hybrid makers to provide the access sticker incentive) I don't get a sticker. Not to mention the silly fact that hybrids do better in traffic, so why let them in the carpool lane where the efficiency would drop? Finally, we all pay taxes (presumably) for the same access to the same roads. I highly doubt that the carpool lane is the impetus for people to actually carpool. We all need to get to the same places and we all paid our fair share for those lanes. Let's end this wasted lane once and for all. Join me as we call on California law makers to free up the freeway. 

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