Tell Investigators: Stop the 49ers’ Dark Money Campaign Spending in Santa Clara Elections

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Edward Smith
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This month, the City uncovered a possible “dark money” scheme by the 49ers. 

The team is spending over $300,000 to buy a Santa Clara city election -- and they tried to do it anonymously. They hid the money until the City Clerk caught them.  They're opposing Measure C because they don't want Santa Clarans to create council districts -- a move that'll make it harder for them to control the Council.

Please sign this petition to support investigations by state and local authorities that will uncover and stop the 49ers' dark money spending in Santa Clara elections.

You’ll be helping a grassroots group of residents who aren’t afraid to stand up to the 49ers -- the 6th wealthiest sports franchise in America worth more than $3 billion.

It's Deja Vu All Over Again

We’ve caught them before trying to cut backroom deals and use dark money. 

In 2015, the 49ers tried to secretly take over the Youth Soccer Park and turn it into their gameday VIP parking lot. We fought them and won. 

After that victory, we started Stand Up for Santa Clara --  a watchdog organization fighting for an open, honest and transparent government in the city of Santa Clara.  We're a grassroots organization staffed by dedicated volunteers working to educate and engage residents.

In 2016, the 49ers had close ties to a mysterious dark money group, BluPAC. They tried to take over the City Council. We exposed them and won

Let's Stop the 49ers' Dark Money

Now, we need the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) and the Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen to investigate the 49ers' latest political mistake.

We want clean campaigns in Santa Clara. We don’t want an NFL football team trying to take over the City Council.

  • The 49ers tried to take the Youth Soccer Park.
  • They tried to lower their own stadium rent.
  • They want to change the stadium curfew to make more money at the expense of local neighborhoods.

Please sign the petition to stop dark money and support clean campaigns.