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Don't allow oil companies to dump chemical waste into our water

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A few miles east of my almond orchard, oil companies are dumping dangerous chemical waste into the ground water -- and they’re doing it with permits even the State of California admits weren’t legally issued. They are also allowing this toxic waste water to percolate into the ground in non-permitted and open, unlined dirt sumps. If California does not revoke those illegal permits, and close those open sumps, my farm, and many other farms in this valley, could become poisoned for decades to come.

Right now, the most convenient way for oil companies to dispose of the wastewater produced while extracting oil is to pump it into the ground, or allow it to percolate from the surface, where it can mix with fresh ground water. This means that while California faces the worst drought it’s seen in documented history, our state is allowing wastewater filled with chemicals to be put into water that we need for drinking and farming.

Already, other farmers in the San Joaquin Valley of California have torn out their dying crops because of contaminated groundwater. If the state doesn’t start doing its job, I’m afraid my almond orchard could be next.

This practice is not only dangerous, it’s illegal: these aquifers are protected by the federal government for drinking and farming. The State of California could stop these injections and close these ponds today. Our state cannot afford this waste, and our crops can’t handle the poison that could be leaking into our groundwater.

Please stand with me in demanding that California revoke the permits and stop the practices that are letting toxic wastewater mix with California’s fresh water aquifers.

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