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The California drought eases but it has a long way before it's over, start water recycling

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In order for the drought to be over California’s water supplies have to be replenished, “Unfortunately, it will take more than one above-average wet season for the state’s groundwater storage to fully replenish”(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 2017).

One question you may be asking, what is recycled water?, “While recycling is a term generally applied to aluminum cans, glass bottles, and newspapers, water can be recycled as well. Water recycling is reusing treated wastewater for beneficial purposes such as agricultural and landscape irrigation, industrial processes, toilet flushing, and replenishing a groundwater basin (referred to as groundwater recharge)” (The United States Environmental Protection Agency 2012). Just as it sounds, water recycling is the process of treating wastewater to be usable in various situations, one that is majorly used in California, irrigation, whether that be for agriculture or watering your grass.

A policy such as this requires the cooperation of water agencies and government groups. The reason being faculty for recycling water need to be constructed, “State and federal dollars helped build the Groundwater Replenishment System. Construction costs were supported by $US 72 million in state grants, a $US 20 million grant from the U.S. government, and a $US 180 million low-interest loan from the state.” (Circle of Blue 2016 ). Orange County has already started the project in recycling water by working in a union between water agencies, government entities, and city groups.

The state and the county of Los Angeles have the responsibility of managing and working to solve the drought, just as the people themselves have the responsibility to help minimize water usage. However when one group ignores their duties is the other responsibility to remind them, the citizens of California need reach out to water agencies and the states to encourage them into investing into recycling systems, that would allow the reuse of wastewater.

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