California dept. of corrections Sacremento Release inmates on there half time

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Please join my in this battle of releasing our inmates on theyre half time date.Our prisons are so over crowded and they are keeping them in longer to collect money. For every inmate that is there they recieve thousands and thousands of dollars a month for each one. while they sit in there in unhealthy conditions and condemned buildings and roaches in theyre food. They shouldnt be able to make that decision. when a judge gives a sentence it should be what the judged ordered that gets carried out. My boyfriend Richad Vandagriff was soppose to come home last may they denied him then  on december 13th yet again they denied . He isnt even going to be on parole. he hasent been in any trouble since hes been there and they just act like these men are cattle and dont care that they have families and a new start waiting for them. its all about the money and that isnt how any human should be treated.Im just asking them to be fair. when they are up for release and the judge ordered half time they should honor that. I am sure our tax payers are paying enough already for them to be housed.  why should they have to pay more for longer housing? if the inmate has a home and a family waiting to give them another chance at being back in society. Inmates with good behavior and going to school like Richard has been attending and was certified at  crc norco should be allowed to recieve theyre good time and be released!

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