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Replace the I-280 / Page Mill intersection stop signs with safer, speedier traffic lights

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Across the San Francisco Bay Area, commuters have been facing longer and longer drives for years. The increased traffic is largely to do the prosperity of the region and the subsequent proliferation of good jobs. Unfortunately, our local governments are lagging behind when it comes to providing basic infrastructure to support the growing needs, and residents across the Bay are suffering because of it. Fortunately, there are some basic changes we can make that can have major positive impacts on transit times.

The Interstate-280 and Page Mill intersection is a common junction for commuters up and down the Peninsula. It joins the 65mph highway with a 50mph expressway, and yet the link between them is a simple four-way stop sign. As any commuter will tell you, the effect of the stop sign is devastating in terms of the time added to a trip. It is not uncommon to spend fifteen minutes getting through this intersection, on a commute that is otherwise half an hour. The backup from the intersection frequently extends deep onto Highway 280. It is not only a source of further delays for 280 travelers, but also creates an extremely dangerous situation as the "exit-only" lane overflows into the main traffic.

The solution is simple: this intersection needs to be modernized with well synchronized stop lights. And the proposal has already been made and has been discussed for years:

Unfortunately, several members of the Los Altos community have been dragging their heels, and have petitioned against these changes, for fear that their property values will be impacted. This is not the case. Traffic lights at this corridor will not only help shorten commutes and provide safety along 280, but will improve safety for the many bikers of the Los Altos foothills along the route as well.

It's time to stop delaying the rollout of a fix to the traffic problems at this major intersection.  Sign this petition to signal to Caltrans that this issue should be considered a top priority for the agency.

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