Tell State Regulators: Enforce Environmental Law in West Oakland!

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Update on A’s Environmental Justice Lawsuit Petition

Thank you for answering the call to action and signing the petition demanding that the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) enforce environmental law in West Oakland. It is long overdue. The people of West Oakland deserve better. We wanted to share a quick progress update with you. Important leaders in the local community and elected officials, including Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, have come out in support of the lawsuit and environmental justice for West Oakland. Right now, we are hard at work educating decision-makers and ensuring that the local and national media tell this important story. We want to make sure the truth carries the day and that your voice - and the voices of West Oakland - is being heard loudly and clearly. As Oakland A’s president Dave Kaval told Sports Illustrated, “This is part of our commitment to Oakland, to take actions that will improve the community.” This is about doing the right thing for our neighbors and the community that we are proud to be a part of. A question we have been hearing often since the lawsuit was filed is, “what else can I do to help?” For starters, continue to spread the word about the petition in as many ways possible and encourage your family members, friends, and colleagues to join you. Find 3 people to sign today! Second, contact your local and state elected officials and encourage them to support the lawsuit and help the people of West Oakland. Again, thank you for joining the fight for environmental justice in West Oakland. Every citizen deserves clean air and water. The State of California knows this and created standards to guarantee it. Now is the time to start enforcing those laws and make that promise a reality. Together, we will get it done! Check out SchnitzerWatch!

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2 years ago