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NOT to teach 'Comfort Women' in California Schools

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I have been living in California for the last 38 years, originally having come from Japan. I have two children who are mixed race, and have friends from all over the world who live in the United States.  As a teenager, I was deeply moved by Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech for equality and overcoming our differences.   The ideal and the value of the United States is what makes this country special, and should be held in high regard.  When my daughter was in High School, she told me about a friend of hers who was reluctant to tell his father that she was part Japanese, because his father hated Japanese people.  I was shocked. My daughter genuinely did not know why such prejudice existed because she was not taught hate for others at home.    Now, my friends who are mothers of Japanese American children tell me that their children are also being bullied, or called degrading names because of the political conflict in East Asia.  I am appalled to find that now the California Department of education is considering using text books that teach a highly controversial version of history to the children, and which will affect children with Japanese heritage.  Please support the fundamental American values of equality and opportunity for all.  Stand with us for truth and fairness.    Please sign this petition to let people hear your “NO”. 



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