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Write “Comfort Women were well paid prostitutes, sold their service to US Army as well”

Write “Comfort Women were well paid prostitutes” as written in your Army Report and “Comfort women sold their service to US Army as well”


Concerning the rows from 913th to 919th in page 469 of Chapter 15, Grade Ten – World History, Culture, and Geography: The Modern World,


1, We demand to add,  

 “Comfort Women were well paid prostitutes” and

“Comfort women sold their service to US Army as well”.


US Army and Allied Army issued many research reports, interrogation reports and bulletins about Japanese Army including Brothel section from 1942 to 1945.

Concretely, Allied Translator and Interpreter Section South West Pacific Area (ATIS), South East Asia Translator and Interrogation Center (SEATIC) and United States Office of War Information (USOWI) issued interrogation reports of 27 Japanese war prisoners and of others, an interrogation report of 20 Korean comfort women (Japanese Prisoner of War Interrogation Report No. 49) and of two owners of comfort station, one bulletin, one current translations and two research reports.

These reports explain more or less that comfort women were well paid prostitutes and that Japanese Army regulated comfort stations for the hygiene, the health and the dignity of comfort women as well as soldiers.

( )

On the other hand , after The War, for some reasons as well as by request of GHQ (General Head Quarter) Army of Occupation of Japan (mainly composed of USA Army),comfort women station for Allied Army in Japan continued to exist for a certain period under the name of Recreation and Amusement Association (RAA) ).

RAA for Allied Army was established and managed by Japanese government almost same as for Japanese army at the wartime with regard to this point.


2, We also express a strong suspicion and offense about the order of the content from the 913th row to 933th row.


First, why does the comfort women issue appear suddenly in this part?

Second, why are the drops of atomic bomb and the holocaust put right after the comfort women issue?

The drops of atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and The Holocaust are crimes to human being and historical facts nobody can deny.

We suspect you intend to suggest by this order to students that The Drops of atomic bomb are justified by The Comfort Women Issue and that The Comfort Women Issue is a horrible crime comparable to The Holocaust.

School textbook is not propaganda advertisement.






米軍や連合軍は1942年から1945年の間、慰安婦についての多くの調査資料や証言記録を残しています。ATIS, SEATEC, USOWIといった機関が27人の日本人捕虜、20人の朝鮮人慰安婦(捕虜尋問調書49号)、2人の慰安施設経営者等に対する尋問レポート、二つの調査報告書、機関誌に「日本軍の売春関係」を記録しています。それらには多かれ少なかれ、慰安婦は高給を得ていた売春婦であり、日本軍は衛生管理や兵士と慰安婦の健康と尊厳のためきびしく規則を設けていたことが説明されています。

( )

他方、戦後GHQの要望もあり、Recreation and Amusement Association (RAA) )という名の下に、占領合軍用慰安婦施設が設けられました。このRAAは日本政府が設立管理したもので、この点に関しては戦時中の日本軍用慰安婦施設とほぼ同じものでした。 








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