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FREE a MAN that has served 25 years! Everyone has made mistakes, its how you learn from it

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I am starting this petition for Mr. Phillip Clark Watts. He is up for his parole hearing on Dec 21, 2017.  He has been incarcerated since August 1992, over 25 years.  He was only 24 years old, had never been in any trouble with the law, and never associated with a gang or gang violence. He was raised in a loving Christian family. His mother was, and still is, a Sunday School Teacher and he was loved by all who knew him.  In these types of situations everyone only hears from the victim’s family but there are always two sides to a story.  I just ask that you take the time to read what Phillip Watts has done since that day he was sentenced. Since this event Mr. Watts has maintained his innocence.  We know the Harrison family wants an apology and to see Mr. Watts suffer and pay for this crime.  And they deserve more than an apology because words will not bring back the loved one they have lost. It would be easy now, after 25 years, for Mr. Watts to apologize for committing this crime and just simply ask for forgiveness and move on. But that would not be the truth.  Mr. Watts is truly saddened and sorry for the loss of Mr. Harrison’s life and asks that the Harrison family knows of his sadness and his sympathy for the great loss they have suffered.  But this loss was not suffered by the hands of Mr. Watts. I would like everyone to know the man that I have come to know in the last 15 years. Mr. Watts is truly sorry for their loss and now wants to show youth the dreadfulness of prison life.  Phillip Watts is now 50 years old and is a model prisoner.  He has never been a part of any riots or fights.  He is involved with several clubs in the prison where they mentor younger inmates.  He has received numerous academic and trade certificates as well. With being a “25 to life” inmate you would think that he has no support, but he has support from a massive amount of friends and family.  I know that he will be a positive role model in society as he has demonstrated this while in prison.  Please help Mr. Watts who has spent more than half his life incarcerated for the crime of another.
Will you sign my petition and show the Parole Board that there is public support for granting Phillip Clark Watts parole?
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