Rights for the Incarcerated

Rights for the Incarcerated

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S Ingram, M Chapman started this petition to San Mateo County Jail

 As a 4 year resident of San Mateo county I have seen and undergone mental and physical abuse by Deputy Sheriff’s of San Mateo county jail. The definition of jail is a place of confinement held in Lawful custody. San Mateo county is lawless. 

Inmates are treated worse than animals here. We are shown no compassion as human beings. We are tormented and bullied by the same people that have sworn an oath to uphold the constitution, abide by and be a living example of law while compensated by Tax paying citizens to protect us. these citizens are our family and friends. Men have been beaten, sexually violated, and stripped naked as sheriff deputys applaud each other and laugh. 
 Sheriff deputys refuse to answer filed grievances. They refuse us our right to our Law library. They open and read mail and other court documents, pass around intamite photos of inmates family members and brag to inmates in general population sexually moralizing our loved ones. 
Sheriff deputy taunt and instigate mental health inmates for certain reactions just so they can manhandle them in a way that is seen on mixed martial art fights on television. This small nitted community is fed up and want a change. Men have died in here, from suicide from all the abuse and oppression from sheriff deputys. We are not supposed to die in a place that is supposed to save us. How can we be rehabilitated under such conditions. These conditions are inhumane. 
Altho I chose to remain anonymous in fear of retaliation I speak for the entire San Mateo county jail when I say we demand to be heard. We are prepared to hunger strike protest or use any other method of getting this countys attention.

We would like these basic necessities met 

1.       Treated with respect, inmates are innocent until proven guilty.

2.       Grievance process to be handled by a community oversite committee

3.       Regular contact visitation at least twice a week. Family visitation schedule in order for parents to maintain parental relationship with their children.

4.      An option to physically receive mail or use the new electronic mail system

5.        Increase the availability of all products in commissary and also add more necessary items such as paper folders/binder style, shower slippers, hair products and white tennis shoes.

6.       Allow all magazines and photos as long as within guidelines (non-penetration,  gang related, or drug paraphernalia)

7.       Provide inmates with unlimited access to the law library, paralegal services and printing services

8.       Provide a system for tablets so inmates can have adequate time to use them

9.       Lower the price or cut the cost to send messages and photos on tablets

10.   Have consistent maintenance on visitation stations to insure stations are working properly

11.   Provide exercise equipment on the yards of every unit (pull up bar, push up station)

12.   Have Prea investigations to be handled by an outside source in order to ensure investigation is handled without bias.

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