ABC Just Say NO

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In January 2018, Smart & Final Petitioned the ABC to Modify Conditions on their liquor license for their location on W. 19th Street in Costa Mesa. This was filed a few months after they were caught red-handed bootlegging alcoholic beverages in our community and more than 20 other locations throughout California.

In Costa Mesa, they did this for up to a decade or longer. This severely harmed the smallest to largest mom & pop markets serving our neighborhood, resulting in blight and harm to our community.

The statutory standard for the ABC to approve a Petition to Modify Conditions is clearly stated in California BPC §; 23803. It states:

  • Approval for the modification request can be made if the conditions that caused the imposition of conditions no longer exist. 

Every single fact that prompted the ABC  to impose conditions on the location is listed on the liquor license.  None of those facts have changed. 

We, the undersigned respectfully request the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control:

  • Just say no to Smart & Final's Petition to Modify Conditions for their liquor license at Store 389 in Westside Costa Mesa;
  • Stop ABC staff pressure on neighboring residents to drop their opposition to Smart & Final's petition;
  • Refer Smart & Final's statewide  abuse of ABC Conditional Licenses to California Attorney General Xavier Becerra for investigation of predatory business practices in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Smart & Final seriously broke the law. They have a right to ask to modify their license. Please follow the law and deny their application.