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Remove Chris Robles from San Bernardino County Democratic Party Chair

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Does the Democratic Party support Democrats or not? There shouldn't be a misunderstanding about that, but the chair of the San Bernardino Democratic Central Committee has made it an unanswered question. 

SIGN the petition today to let the California Democratic State Party, members of the SBCDCC and local elected Democratic leaders that Chris Robles must go.

For several months, a significantly large group of members has been working to bring before the body a motion to remove Chris Robles as Chair of the San Bernardino County Democratic Central Committee (SBCDCC) because of his paid work as a political consultant for a Republican city council candidate in the November 2016 election. One of Mr. Robles' explanation was that it was not him but his companyVantage Campaigns. He is the sole owner and operator and Vantage has no other employees.  

On the agenda at the September 28, 2017, regular meeting, the San Bernardino County Democratic Central Committee, at the direction of the California Democratic Party's Compliance Review Commission (which ruled that Robles' refusal to have this item placed on the agenda was improper), will have an item to consider the ruling of the SBCDCC Executive Committee which declared that there was not sufficient evidence to remove Chris Robles. This is not true.  The financial reporting is clear that Chris Robles worked for and promoted a Republican in a local city council race against our endorsed candidate. Robles has made multiple appointments to the Executive Committee to ensure the votes are in his favor and has kept the full discussion from the body.  

We do not have time for more unfathomable rationalizations that defend why it is acceptable for the Chair of our County Party to work for Republicans in local elections against our Democratic Party endorsed candidates.  NOW IS THE TIME to move our county forward with a chair who is solely dedicated to ELECTING strong Democratic candidates and building our party for the long-term. Chris Robles must go. The Election Code CLEARLY states that it is unacceptable for our party leadership to support a Republican running against our endorsed candidates.

Why is this urgent?  While we have been fighting to finally bring this issue to the full membership, Chris Robles has been actively working in another community to RECALL Democrats and very little has been accomplished in our county. 

Now it has been reported that Vantage Campaigns is serving as the political consultant to recall THREE Democratic City Council members including the Mayor and CADEM Executive Board Member Ali Sajjad Taj in Artesia, California. Not only is it a HUGE conflict of interest and against everything party leaders should stand for... it is quite apparent to us in San Bernardino County that Mr. Robles' day job of unseating Democrats is getting in the way of moving our county forward. 

While Robles has finally made several committee chair appointments (after some have been vacant and/or non-operational for five years), and has planned a candidate development training agenda program, there are several other areas in which we are severely lacking.

  • We have no headquarters, no strong fundraising plan, no voter outreach or engagement plan.
  • We have a Democratic majority in the county and in several cities, and yet our city councils, school boards, and County Board of Supervisors are dominated by Republicans with no significant ability to challenge and run coordinated campaigns to ensure Democratic wins.
  • In the off-year election this November 2017, we have only five elections in local school boards and water boards in our County, and yet, under Robles' leadership there is one Republican incumbent completely unchallenged, and only an unprepared, last-minute candidate for another. How can we be prepared for the 50+ races in 2018 if we can't even handle the five in 2017?
  • Most Democratic clubs do not have access to the full resources provided to the County including the voter file, information on CDC resources, nor any significant collaboration or support. Some clubs have already determined they must work OUTSIDE of the county operations to get something done. 
  • While the Chino Valley Club has been working with the Orange County Democrats to fight the recall of State Senator Josh Newman, no call to action to the entire COUNTY party has been made to help challenge this recall effort and preserve the Democratic super-majority in the State Legislature.
  • Our local community suffered through two horrible gun tragedies in December 2015 and this last spring with no call to action for sound gun policy reform from our County party leaders.
  • The Republican party and their elected officials have been bold and corrupt with zero response or forward action from our party and no support has been organized for the sole Democrat on the Upland City Council as she has been attacked by the other members after she reported their alleged violations.  

San Bernardino is the largest land-mass county in the country, part of the Inland Empire (Riverside/San Bernardino/Ontario Metro area) which is the 4th largest metro area in California. We have countless opportunities for sustainable growth, economic investment and development IF we have strong progressive Democrats in office and leadership areas. 

Without a strong Democratic Central Committee we have seen backwards and unsustainable policies wreak havoc on our environment, urban planning, economic opportunities, fiscal responsibility, taxpayer accountability and more. 

Community members and Democratic voters must be able to count on our County Party to be working diligently to fight back and move forward with a strong Democratic Party leadership dedicated to upholding our principles and party platform and OUR candidates. Newly activated volunteers shouldn't have to question how a Democratic leader can support a Republican, violate the election code, and remain as the party chair. We can fix this and we have much work to do in our County, but first, Chris Robles must go.

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