Bike share rental hubs should not be located in the coastal zone of Santa Cruz

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What's at stake?

The natural beauty of the coastline on West Cliff Drive -- Residents of Santa Cruz county and visitors from all over the world walk West Cliff Drive to enjoy the natural beauty of the coastline and the marine life nearby. Please join us in working to protect this treasured landscape from commercial development so it is preserved for future enjoyment of residents of this community and those who visit here. Santa Cruz City Council has approved encroachment permits for a private vendor to install four commercial bike share rental hubs directly on the coast of West Cliff Drive and three other rental hubs in the Coastal Zone within Santa Cruz. Each bike rental hub will house at least fourteen bright red-orange electric bikes, with plans to double that number in Phase 2. 

Safe use of the West Cliff Drive coastal path -- Beyond degrading the natural beauty of the coastline, these electric bikes present a safety concern as they will be introduced immediately onto the West Cliff Drive multi-use coastal path where folks are already negotiating for space to bicycle or walk with dogs and strollers.  While not everyone renting an electric bike will accelerate to a maximum speed, these electric bikes top out at 20 mph. This plan has generated concern among residents and visitors who walk frequently on this path and fear that the large numbers and speed of these electric bikes will deny pedestrians safe use of the coastal path.

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