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Ban all "sonar" and "seismic" activity off California coasts

The damage to our precious marine-life by these "sonic" and/or "seismic" blasts, as witnessed by ever-increasing whale and dolphin beachings, has got to STOP NOW! Everyday we hear of more pods of whales stranded on beaches all over the world. PG&E states that they have conducted "seismic" mapping all over the world and "it's completely safe". This is a statement in direct contradiction with the facts and warnings given in previous statements. Our oceans are dying! Our sea-life is vastly important to the survival of our oceans. Which is vastly important for the survival of our planet.

On November 1, 2012, PG&E is planning to begin "seismic mapping" of our coastline/faultline for purposes of justifying the continuation of the operation of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, which sits directly on the San Andreas faultline on our central coast. When my local news(Fox station) announced this on Thursday August 30 , they stated that all humans within a 2-3 mile range of mapping must stay out of water because the "DEADLY FREQUENCIES FROM AIR CANNONS" could be fatal. This makes obvious the connection between "SEISMIC" blasts and animal deaths.

While the production of power is important, the profits from said power supply should not outweigh the importance and VALUE of our oceans. Building a nuclear power plant on a faultline was a stupid idea in the first place. Let's vote to shut it down negating the need to map the coastline with "deadly frequencies". In other words, I DO NOT WANT OUR OCEANS SCOURED CLEAN OFMARINE AND BIOLOGICAL LIFE FOR THE PURPOSES OF INSURING PROFITS FOR CORPORATIONS!

The decision has not been made final. They are awaiting approval from Federal and State authorities. The California Coastal Commission is meeting next on September 12, 2012. While there is still time, we need to BAN all "seismic and/or sonic" testing off California's coastline

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