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On January 16, 2005, Raul J. Payan (Ralphee) 29 years of age, was brutally murdered by three (3) men at a local bar. All three found guilty of murder and given sentences of 2nd Degree Murder, 15 years to life. For a life taken in an extreme brutal and callous way: by using a bat to take Ralphee down with a hit to the side of his head and shoulders from behind, and continually striking his head numerous times; continuous kicks to his head; and his body beaten while unconscious, killing him. His life taken from his daughter, parents, brothers, sisters and family.

The evening began with Ralphee and girlfriend having dinner at a local restaurant; girlfriend’s introduction to family. After having dinner with his cousins and aunt; three (3) couples, they all decided to drive to a local bar to dance and have drinks to continue their night out. Upon arrival, they continued on with their planned evening having drinks, dancing and playing billiards. A while later, as Ralphee and his girlfriend were dancing, they were approached by the ex-husband, who has a history of domestic violence and spousal abuse, making menacing, rude and threatening remarks to his ex-wife and Ralphee. And, following closely behind the ex-husband are two (2) male friends (one of them being, PAUL GILBERT VELARDE) and their girlfriends, who are cousins of the ex-husband. They too, approached making menacing and threatening remarks. The bouncer seeing what is occurring asked them to leave using different exits. (The ex-husband using the rear exit near the parking lot, and Ralphee and girlfriend using the front entrance having to walk the length of the building to their vehicle.)

As Ralphee, girlfriend and family come around the corner of building, the ex-husband and his followers were waiting, punching the ex-wife in the face, knocking her down. Ralphee picks her up telling her to run to the car and call 911. Meanwhile, Ralphee and others remain fighting off assailants, who from behind strike Ralphee with a bat, taking turns striking, beating and kicking Ralphee.

The ex-husband and his friends were not at the bar when Ralphee, girlfriend and family arrived. It was later found that someone at the bar called the ex-husband and told him that his ex-wife was at the bar with her boyfriend. He then shows up with two male friends and their girlfriends (ex-husband’s cousins).

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